Completing Your Order
Step 1: Review Order

When reviewing your order be sure to click on the accept or decline button if you have not already done so on your home page.  Also at this time you can put in a date as to when you are going to complete the inspection.

Map button links you to a Google Map of the property.
PDF button brings up the report in pdf mode so you have the ability to save the file and email.
The Print button prints out a copy of the report which is always important to bring with you to the inspection.
The Notes button brings up the Add Quick Job Note. Here you can write a job note that will automatically default to your Vendor Point of Contact. (link to My Inbox messages)
The Help button brings you to the NVMS Help desk. There all your questions will be answered. Hopefully! ;)

Order Summary
This is all the information that is necessary to completing the inspection. In this box you will find the client that is requesting the inspection. This is the name that you will reference when speaking with a contact for the order. More often than not they will not recognize NVMS, Inc. so it is important to always note this name.
Also shown here is the date the job was assigned to you and the due date in which the job is expected back.

The status line reveals status of the job. There are several statuses that you should be aware of. They are:
Assigned : Job is being worked on. 
On Hold : The client has been contacted for more information to complete the order and we are waiting to hear back from them.
QA Review :The job has been submitted for review to our Quality Assurance Department.
QA Need Info : The job is being prepared to be delivered to our client but there are internal issues?? that need to be taken care of.
Need Info : A job has been submitted to QA but there if something lacking before we can send it back to our client. Someone will contact you immediately to rectify the situation.
Below that status there is the DBA/Sales line, sometimes different branches order inspections. It is important to note this in case the contact doesn't recognize the name that the inspection is ordered by. As always if the contact is hesitant to complete the inspection do not feel that you have to convince them otherwise. Let your vendor manager know immediately and we will have the job put on hold and contact our client.

All the property/business details are noted in this box. The address of the property and any contact information if necessary. Any other details about the property that the client provides us will be located in this area. The services ordered gives a brief description of what is needed for the job. Further instructions are noted in the Order Instructions (link!!!).
The Client Custom Field is the area where the our client specifically notes something that they need to have done in order for this inspection to be complete. We cannot send a job back as complete unless these instructions are completed.

Before you can go onto Step 2 you must accept or decline the order. This screen will pop up if you try to go to set two without accepting or declining the order.

Just to make sure that you really want to accept the job we'll ask you one more time.

When you accept the job a time stamp will appear above the order summary.

When you decline the order a box will appear in which we ask you to put a quick note as to why you're declining it.

At this point you've accepted the order so it's time to review the reports.

Step 2: Reports & Image Upload
It is on this page where you will fill out the report and upload the pictures.
This page is defaulted to a thubnail view of the reports that need to be filled out you can also change the view to a details list by simply clicking on the icon.

Thumbnail View

Details List View

To access the report on this page click on the green plus sign that will bring up a page that you can print out if need be and also you will fill out the report at this point. When you are finished completing the report make sure that you SAVE the report. The report will not prompt you to save. If you fill out the report and do not save the information entered will be disappear.

Image Upload

While you're on this same report, click the "Pictures" link to upload pictures pertaining to this service.  This screen willl pop up, on the left side will be listed all the folders and files for you to save your picture under.  All the pictures that you have saved in whatever particular file you have clicked on the left will be visible on the top right-hand side. Select the correct pictures and drag them down to where it says "Drop Files Here."
Once you have dragged all the pictures you want to send click on the box marked "Send." Your computer will process for a moment and the pictures will be sent to NVMS. They shoudl appear on the right hand side of the page. Be sure to refresh!

In order to move on to Step 3 you must check the report as complete. You  do so by clicking on the red X, it will turn into a green check mark. If you don't mark the reports as complete you can not move on to the next step.

Step 3: Summary
This step is your last chance to review the order because once you have submitted the order to Quality Assurance you can not go back to edit it unless you contact your vendor maanger who can set it back to assigned. Be sure that you have filled out all the report and that they are all complete and that the total number of images comes up correctly.

Once you submit the job to QA that is when the clock stops and the bonus is calculated.

Congratulations the order is sent back to NVMS for our Quality Assurance team to review!