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The NVMS.Net dashboard is critical to maintaining timely information about your order data, plus navigating the application.  The top of the dashboard which shows on almost all pages, is the Quick Search which allows you to quickly find any order by the NVMS job number (Last 6 digits) or the client File Number.  This is a static box which cannot be moved around like the rest of the dashboard boxes.

The dashboard also keeps track of your NVMS inbox messages.  No matter which page your on, the dashboard messaging system will alert you when a new message arrives.  It automatically checks for new messages every 5 minutes.

These boxes are your personal dashboard data boxes.  They can be moved around, minimized or deleted.  (See movie below) Once you make changes to the way your dashboard looks, it will stay that way until you change it again.  If at anytime you want to reset the dashboard to the default settings, click the  button at the bottom of the dashboard to reset all boxes.  The following breaks down what each dash box function.

My Stickies >>
This box is used to hold any note you wish to make.  These can be reminder notes or messages about jobs, etc... Click the red X to delete the note, click the note icon to edit the note or click the "New Note" link to add a new note.

Quick Links >>
This dash box contains your Quick Links that are used to quickly navigate through the system.  They qucikly take you to the information you need.

My Last Ten Orders >>
This is a nice little helper box that remember the last 10 orders that you have viewed for the current session.  If you close your browser and log back in, this data will reset.

My Order Monitor >>
This dash box shows your monitor flags   When you create this flag on an order, these summarize in your order monitor box.  Remove them from your monitor box by clicking the red X.

My Order Flags >>
This dash box summarizes your order flags when you set them from the main order screen.  To remove a flag, make the flag white (No Flag) from the order screen.

Orders This Year >>
This pie chart breaks down the orders assigned to you by month for the current year.

Customizing My Dashboard >>

The Dashboard can be customized how you like it.  You can move boxes up or down, or remove boxes.  Click the red X on the right to remove the box, and click the red arrow to the left minimize/maximize the box.