Field Representative Maintenance
(Maintain My Account)

Your account maintenance screen contains your main demographic information plus your open orders, payment history, job history and your inventory history.  From this screen you may also set your tax information, services you perform and other job settings.

The "Field Rep" Tab is where your main demographic information goes.

The "Ordes" Tab shows you your current open orders.  From here you can batch insert Schedule Dates and Job Notes.  Simply click the check box on the right for each order you want to choose then select the correct button.  The order that you've checked will be changed according to what you've selected.

The "Payments" Tab shows you your payment history for the selected year.  Click the detail icon to view payment history detail for the selected check.

The "History" Tab shows you your order history for the selected year by month.

The "Inventory" Tab shows you your current inventory status with pending and shipped order history.  You may also access tracking information on orders that have been shipped.

Detail Account Settings
This "Details" section is where you can maintain your tax and licensing details.  If you want to print a Vendor Badge, click the "Print Vendor Badges" button and fill in the details to print your badge.

This "Auto Reports" tab is where you can set how your daily reminder reports are sent and if you wish to automatically accept certain types of jobs.  To set daily reports, click the icon to toggle the reports on and off.  If you want to automatically accept certain types of inspections, select the type from the dropdown list.

The "Services" tab shows you which services you perform.  You may add/remove any service types you wish from this tab interface.  Select the dropdown list to filter by type.

The "Users" tab shows you which users are tied to your account.  Click the Edit icon to edit the details of the selected user.  Click the "Add New User" button to add a new user.