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The Field Representative Home Page

The NVMS, Inc. home page is a repository that holds the current information about your jobs, messages, summaries, and helpful functions.  The Home Page also contains your NVMS Dashboard which contains helpful links and Quick Search function.  Once you have successfully logged into NVMS.Net you will see your home page where it will say "Welcome.. [Your Name]" and you will also see your point of contact information.


Your System  Role tells you what access you have to the system.  "Admin" users have full access to add users and maintain your account .  "Member" users can only access and fill orders, they don't have access to user accounts or your main account.

News Items

Your News/Announcement Items are now removable.  Once you have read the news item you now have the ability to remove it from your home page.  Simply click the red X on the right of the news item to remove it.  You can also toggle the view of this box by clicking the top header.

My Inbox Messages

Your NVMS inbox contains new messages from your point of contact.  These are important for keeping track of job issues and possible problems.  These messages are also sent to your external email account.  The email adderess where these messages are sent can be maintained from your main account maintenance.  Like most data boxes in this application, you can click the main header to toggle the visibility of data box.

  • Click the Order icon to view the order details. 
  • Click the Reply icon to reply to this message.
  • To clear messages, click the checkbox for the message you want to clear and click the "Clear" button.  To clear all message click the top checkbox to select all messages.

Orders Due Today/Past Due Orders

This data box contains your jobs that are due today or past due.  This allows you to quickly see the jobs that need completed as soon as possible.  You can sort by any of columns by clicking the header row.

New/Unaccepted Orders

The final home page data list shows you new orders that have been assigned to you that have not yet been accepted.  You also receive an email from our system when the order is assigned and you have to option to accept or decline the order from that email as well. 

  • To accept an order click the "Accept" icon and the order will be removed from this list and will become a part of your open orders.
  • Click the "Decline" icon to decline the order.  A message is required to let us know why you're declining the order.  It will be removed from this list and will then be assigned to someone else.
  • Click the "View" icon to view the details of this order before you accept or decline.